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DO NOT GIVE UP!  If you are contemplating suicide STOP!

Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and Press 1

Your call is free and confidential. Point Man is not affiliated with this agency but encourage you to call them if needed.


You can also contact Point Man directly at 1-800-877-VETS (8387). We understand as we have walked in your boots.


  United States Veterans may be entitled to compensation from the VA and/or Social Security for injuries or illnesses diagnosed while in the military. Contact a VA benefit counselor to inquire about available VA benefits. VA counselors are available at 1-800-827-1000. Get all the benefits available as you served your country and earned every benefit available for your particular situation. Benefits may also be available for spouses and children.

Apply for VA benefits, Click Here.

Social Security Benefits: Whether you were medically discharged prior to leaving the service or were awarded VA benefits after discharge, be sure to file for Social Security benefits. This is another benefit that may benefit you IF your claim is approved.

Apply for Social Security Benefits, Click Here.


If not in the USA check with your respective government agency for benefit eligibility.

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